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Lovely Soiree


The name Lovely Soiree derived from the love of the French language and the French side of my family. I wanted a name that would encompasses a little bit of what the business was and the hidden love I had with the French culture and language.

Lovely Soiree is a home based floral studio. I've dedicated a special place in my home where I can artistically let my mind run free to create. They say beautiful things come from small places, and I couldn't agree anymore.  Drawn to the hues of muted and neutral colors, I love to create and bring the feel of romance through arrangements. Whether it's an elegant timeless look, or something more free-spirited and wild, my heart and style speaks both. From the textures and movement in a flower, I love mixing nature's pallet to create endless beauty. Whether it is a standard rose or a stem of a dancing ranunculus head, I see the beauty and nature each flower brings. With these thoughts in mind, my intent when designing is to reveal my artistic style of arranging allowing them tell a story of their own. 



Meet Maxine

Owner + Designer

I always found interest in creative design and decor since when I was young. That wasn’t really the route I took in school. After finishing college and trying to mentally prepare myself for the corporate route, I knew I just couldn’t do it.

How was it I ended up working with flowers? Like a love story, it just somehow happened. The truth was, before this business, I never imagined myself flower arranging regularly. Somehow things fell into place. The more I learned about them, the more I just kept falling in love with them.  

My designs for my arrangements are a true thought process. I study each flower and see how it reflects nature. Every flower has its own beauty. I love using different varieties and utilize its natural abilities to create a story of romance through flowers. 

I’m a total perfectionist at heart, I always believed that each detail in a setting matter. Whether that is a specific textural flower used in a centerpiece or bridal bouquet for a specific reason, or just the small details added to the tablescape on your guest tables. They all serve a strong purpose.  When it all comes together, it's undeniably magical, creating its own beautiful and memorable story for the couple. 


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
— Vincent Van Gogh

I love building new friendships with those in the industry. Whether you're a flower lover like myself, or an artist in the creative and wedding industry, let's grab some coffee, I'd love to hear what you been doing!