Floral and Event Styling


Lovely Soiree


The flower lover behind Lovely Soiree is me, Maxine. The name Lovely Soiree derived from the love of the French language and the French side of my family. I wanted a name that would encompasses a little bit of what I love being around, lovely beautiful events, and the hidden love I had with the French culture and language.


Meet Maxine

Owner + Designer

I always found interest in creative design and decor since when I was young. That wasn’t really the route I took in school. After finishing college and trying to mentally prepare myself for the corporate route, I knew I just couldn’t do it.

How was it I ended up working with flowers? Like a love story, it just somehow happened. The truth was, before this business, I never imagined myself flower arranging regularly. Somehow things fell into place. Pursuing a new passion, I’ve extended my knowledge as a floral designer here in Houston with an amazing floral studio, Maxit Flower Design. Together we are able to showcase our love of flowers through a garden style approach for Weddings and Events.  At Maxit, I am able to express and bring the feel of romance feel through my artistic designs as I let my mind run free to create doing what I absolutely love to do.

I’m a total perfectionist at heart, I always believed that each detail in a setting matter. Whether that is a specific textural flower used in a centerpiece or bridal bouquet for a specific reason, or just the small details added to the tablescape on your guest tables. They all serve a strong purpose.  When it all comes together, it's undeniably magical, creating its own beautiful and memorable story for the couple.